5 Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Tips for Property Managers

Commercial landscaping improves curb appeal, while regular maintenance protects your investments. Here’s our top five tips for property managers.

A gorgeous rental property is a surefire way to attract and keep great tenants. Here are five low-maintenance landscaping tips for your commercial space.

1. More Hardscaping or Landscaping will Reduce Lawn Care

There’s plenty of low-maintenance beauty to be had, without acres of rolling grass. Beauty that doesn’t need to be mowed, mulched, fertilized, or watered.

Hardscaping is any man-made decorative or practical structure and includes fences, driveways, and walkways. Extending liveable space outdoors by installing a quality deck, patio, or gazebo can improve the attractiveness of your rental unit and reduce the amount of lawn care maintenance required.

Landscaping can also reduce lawn size. Popular commercial landscaping options include native ground covers, rain or drought-resistant gardens, and synthetic turf.

2. Keep on top of Driveways, Walkways & Sidewalk Maintenance

This one is important and should be part of any landscaping maintenance routine. Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act has strict requirements for landlords in terms of maintaining exterior common areas. Stairs, driveways, walkways, and parking garages must all be kept free of snow and safe for everyday use. City-specific bylaws also come into play, requiring snow and ice clearing to be done within 12 to 24 hours of accumulating. Failing to clear snow away can result in a fine.

The easiest way to ensure landlords stay on top of their exterior maintenance duties is to hire a professional landscaper to remove “noxious weeds” and debris in the summer, and salt and remove snow from driveways, sidewalks, and walkways in the winter.

3. Don’t Neglect Tree, Hedge & Shrub Maintenance

A beautiful, shade-giving mature tree adds value for your tenant and cost savings for you. A well-designed landscape with properly placed trees can reduce air conditioning costs by up to 50%. In addition to shade, trees can be used to create windbreaks to lower wind chill in the wintertime and reduce heating costs.

While trees are low maintenance, they’re not no maintenance. Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act also requires landlords to remove “dead, decayed or damaged trees […] that create an unsafe condition.”

A commercial landscaping professional can help you put together a customized plan for annual trimming, mulching, pruning, and fertilizing to keep your trees healthy. Shrubs and hedges need to be trimmed and pruned to prevent overgrowth, keeping paths and walkways clear.

4. Perennials are Great Curb Appeal

Adding colour can improve commercial landscaping curb appeal and make the property feel homier. In the long run, perennials are a far better option than annuals because they return year after year. Once they are established and have been watered in, many perennials are quite hardy. They’re resistant to both disease and harsh weather and don’t require constant care.


Best Perennials for Sun Best Perennials for Shade
●     Geranium (perennial geranium)

●     Hemerocallis (daylily)

●     Iris Sibirica (Siberian iris)

●     Rudbeckia Hirta (black-eyed Susan)

●     Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’

●     Helleborus (Hellebore)

●     Geranium macrorrhizum (Big Root Geranium)

●     Hosta

●     Astilbe

●     Ajuga (Bugle)

5. Opt for Professional Landscaping Maintenance for Best Results

 Hiring a professional commercial landscaping maintenance company can improve the value of your income property and help protect you from liability. Building a customized plan and executing it year-round is key to getting the best results. Landscaping experts can take lawn care, garden maintenance, grass cutting, and clean-up off your plate.

Improvements like regular landscaping maintenance, adding colour with perennials, and investing in hardscaping help boost curb apparel, reduce vacancy losses, and improve rental rate and tenant retention. Along with real estate agents and lawyers, experienced landlords work with professional landscapers to maximize ROI on their commercial properties. Contact us here today for a no-obligation quote for your commercial landscaping maintenance needs.

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