For a lush lawn, instantly.

Maggio LTD Sod Installation

We offer sod installation services for new build homes, replace lawns for existing homes and happily service commercial properties as well. While Maggio offers a variety of Lawn Treatments and Weed Control Programs to revitalize your lawn, sometimes the best thing to do to achieve your dream lawn is with a total lawn replacement. Sod installation is a fast and effective way to enhance your home’s curb appeal and achieve a green, lush lawn immediately. For existing homes we use a machine called a sod cutter to remove your old, tired lawn. Next, grading is done next to avoid water pooling and to level out visible lumps. Then your dream lawn is installed for you to enjoy!

Service Includes

  • Sod and soil delivery
  • Removal of existing lawn (when applicable)
  • Grading & levelling of yard
  • Sod installation
  • Post-care instructions given
  • Disposal of all yard waste
  • Meticulous cleanup from all walkways, driveways and patios

Once your sod installation service is complete, be sure to keep your landscape project looking fresh all season long with our Lawn Care Maintenance Service and Fertilizer & Weed Control Programs. Visit our services section to learn more.

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