Help Your Patchy Lawn Recover From The Harsh, Cold Winter!

As Spring arrives and the snow begins to melt, it quickly becomes evident that your lawn needs attention after enduring the harsh conditions of the Winter months. A Top Dressing Lawn Treatment will deliver the nutrition boost needed to promote new growth and bring your lawn back to life! Top dressing will increase the health of your lawn and will also help to level out all those uneven and lumpy areas that are often present on residential lawns.

To keep your lawn looking it’s best straight through the Summer and Fall months, Maggio recommends a Top Dressing treatment once per year in the Spring, followed by season-long Fertilizer & Weed Control. Nothing looks better than a healthy, well maintained lawn. Visit our Services section to Learn more about our Fertilizer & Weed Control Programs.

Top Dressing Service Includes:

  • Supply and delivery of high quality topsoil
  • Spreading of topdressing using a soil spreader or wheelbarrows and rakes
  • Spreading of new grass seed over lawn
  • Post-care watering instructions given immediately following the application
  • Disposal of all organic yard waste
  • Meticulous clean up of all debris from gardens lawns and pathways

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